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We provide a wide range of evidence-based therapies and counselling services to children, adolescents, adults, businesses and groups.

Mental health therapy is an effective way to deal with various mental health issues, such as:

Allergies are caused by an overactive immune response to animals, food, mould, pollen, or dust. Most people may experience mild to moderate symptoms; some can have severe and life-threatening reactions, like swelling of the throat, known as anaphylaxis. Allergies may also impact emotional well-being, i.e. stress, anxiety, panic and depression.

Anger is a normal reaction when we think that we have been unfairly treated or disrespected and won’t stand for it leading us into a flight, flight, or freeze state. We respond to those thoughts and feelings by acting or feeling an urge to act in threatening or aggressive ways.

Anxiety is the body’s response to danger, real and imagined. When we get anxious, we tend to think that something bad will happen and we won’t be able to cope. This leads to hypervigilance, constantly looking for danger, hyper-alerting to any signals, and ultimately to us, activating the alarm system.

Do you feel deep down like you agree to do too many things but are unsure how to say NO? Do you carry the burden of not wanting to let others down? Establishing healthy boundaries helps you clearly set your limitations, gain a greater sense of identity and avoid burnout.

Depression can happen to anyone and does happen to one in four of us over our lifetimes. There are different factors, i.e., biological make-up, upbringing, or reaction to life events. Our thoughts influence our feelings and behaviour. Depression is often accompanied by feelings such as guilt, shame, anger and anxiety.

Distress tolerance is our ability to manage actual or perceived emotional distress. It also involves making it through an emotionally unpleasant incident without making it worse. Individuals with low distress tolerance can become overwhelmed by stressful situations and turn to unhealthy or destructive ways of coping with these difficult emotions.

Emotion Regulation skills help us learn to effectively manage and change the way we feel and cope with situations. Emotions, thoughts, and what we do or feel the urge to do are all linked and become vicious cycles. Changing part of the cycle improves the situation, leaving you feeling better.

Are you of Christian faith and seeking prayer and biblical principles to be weaved into our sessions? I am passionate about connecting with you and helping you find anchors of hope that can empower you amid life’s overwhelming experiences. I have the desire to see hope restored to the broken-hearted.

Gender-based violence is an act that has physical, psychological, financial, relational, and sexual consequences for individuals navigating these situations. Individuals who experience intimate partner violence or conflict-related violence may be at increased risk of depression, anxiety, insomnia, substance use issues, suicide or PTSD. The individual effects are wide-ranging and varied.

According to Desyree Dixon, Identity Based Trauma refers to the psychological, emotional and physical responses to a distressing event or act where that event or act attacks, marginalizes or implicates one or more social identity factors of the traumatized person. Let us work together to strengthen your sense of self!

The journey of life has many seasons, and change is inevitable. Think pregnancy, birth, toddler, school-age parenting, marriage, divorce, co-parenting, death, empty nesting, leaving home for the first time, leaving an abusive situation, menopause or buying a house. Managing life transitions does not have to get the best of us.

Dayirai is a mental health counselling services provider with Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program (IRS RHSP) and the Non-Insured Health Benefits program (NIHB). All Survivors of Indian Residential Schools, regardless of Indigenous status or place of residence within Canada, are eligible to receive services from the IRS RHSP.

Do you find it difficult to accept compliments? Self-esteem is based on our opinions and beliefs about ourselves, influenced by societal and internal narratives. When we think negatively about ourselves, do not believe in compliments, or compare ourselves to others and find ourselves wanting, it impacts our sense of worth.

Trauma is the lasting emotional response that often results from living through a distressing event. It affects your sense of safety, self, and ability to regulate emotions and navigate relationships. Some people misuse alcohol, drugs, or self-harm to cope with difficult memories and emotions because they impact their lives daily.

Are you struggling to sleep at night because you dread going to work the following day? Do you sit and cry in your car because of stress at work? As adults, we spend more of our waking hours at work, so it is vital that our workplaces are psychologically safe.

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