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 As a racialized woman who ‘became Black’ when she came to Canada, Dayirai knows firsthand how it feels to be prejudiced and discriminated against due to intersections and the work that Journeys of Life Counselling Services Inc., does is very much tied to promoting and enhancing justice, resiliency diversity, equity, and inclusion, and forging partnerships with people to create their best lives. We deliver exciting workshops that are perceptive and engaging. Dayirai is passionate about facilitating individuals, families, communities, and organizations’ transformational healing by acknowledging strengths, limitations, and potentially complicating factors to work collaboratively to determine the next steps. 

 Dayirai integrates her therapy background and the insights she has learned as a practicing Registered Clinical Social Worker working with hundreds of clients into her community consultations. She was trained in identity-based trauma, which is trauma experienced by people with marginalized social identities (race, gender, class, culture, religion). We are committed to supporting the mental health and wellness of all people. If your organization is seeking support in offering mental health care, please reach out. We have worked with the following organizations:  


Fort McKay Metis Nation

Created and facilitated 8 weeks of Well-Being Workshop series; created a workbook and provided workshops based on the workbook; created and facilitated “Navigating and Enhancing Companionship” Seniors Workshop; created and facilitated “Work-Life Blending” workshop for the Fort McKay Metis Nation Staff; provided consultation services to their Family Services department – reviewed and edited policies; and provided virtual counselling services to their community members.

Fort McMurray #468 First Nation 

Facilitated 8 weeks of Virtual Well-Being Workshop series and ended week 9 with a Vision Board workshop.



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Community Partnerships

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Dayirai is an author. She firmly believes that healing is a collective process and is interested in helping individuals, families and communities cope and thrive together.

Dayirai originally wrote Fearfully and Wonderfully Made for her then 8-year-old goddaughter, who at the time was struggling to come to terms with her physical differences from her peers, e.g., her peers were fascinated with her hair. The book is for young girls who are struggling with their self-esteem/sense of worth and a reminder that they are uniquely beautiful.

Why not head over to Dayirai’s Shop to check out her health and wellness books and resources for you?