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Virtual DBT Skills Group

Dayirai is trained to facilitate DBT groups. “Dialectical” refers to “the coexistence of contrasts.” In the context of DBT, individuals learn to embrace two seemingly contradictory strategies: one is acceptance, which validates their experiences and actions, and the other is change, which encourages them to make beneficial changes to better manage their emotions and advance their path of change to continue progress.

Virtual DBT Skills Group • 13 Weeks

Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based model of therapy that helps people learn and use new skills and strategies to build lives they feel are worth living. These groups are designed to provide effective, practical coping strategies to replace unhealthy, problematic behaviours. You will learn skills aimed at managing emotional and interpersonal difficulties.  

Our 13-week online DBT skills group aims to equip you with effective coping mechanisms to handle emotional and interpersonal challenges. Participants are introduced to DBT methods such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Learning materials will be provided to all participants, who are also expected to complete weekly assignments based on these skills. 

Our program is accessible to adolescents aged 14-17 and adults 18 and over in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and the Northwest Territories, with each group comprising up to 10 participants. The sessions will be led by a Registered Clinical Social Worker. Receipts for insurance claims can be provided upon request.

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