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Mental health and wellness therapist in Edmonton

At Journeys of Life Counselling Services Inc., we are family-oriented and community-minded. We envision a world where every home will normalize mental wellness, now and for future generations.

Journeys of Life Counselling Services Inc. is committed to facilitating a space to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit by providing holistic wellness services to guide you on your transformational journey.

In other words, we help you identify your strengths, limitations, and coping ways in relation to your struggles so you can make and sustain desired changes in your life.


When confronted with challenging situations, do you tend to be emotionally reactive, increasing conflict, stress, anxiety, depression, and distress symptoms? Would you like to learn skills to cope effectively in these situations?


There is no such thing as a perfect relationship! Still, it is a reasonable expectation to have one that includes ‘safety,’ security, healthy communication, the ability to resolve conflict, compromise, and fidelity.


The road ahead can seem confusing and intimidating when you and your immediate/ blended/extended family struggle. When you seek help, it may feel like you are struggling to put the puzzle pieces together.

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Ways to Access Counselling

Telephone Session

Information & Requirements

Make sure you are in a private space with no distractions or interruptions. For the sake of privacy and confidentiality, make sure there are no individuals other than you. If you are using a cell phone, ensure your cell phone is fully charged. Ensure a strong signal and consider using a headset. Telephone sessions will not be conducted if a client is driving; it is unsafe.

Video Session

Recommended Method

I have partnered with Janeapp, a leading online video platform, that has been specifically built to provide you with a safe and secure online mental health experience. To access services at Journeys of Life Counselling Services Inc, you must register and create a profile on Janeapp.


About Me

Hi there!
I'm Dayirai Kapfunde.

I am passionate about mental health care and envision a world where families practise skills and regulate their emotions together. I have provided mental wellness, coaching and consulting services to individuals, families, couples, and communities for over 12 years, and I’m living my purpose.

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